The nobility of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th-18th centuries. National and international contexts, Prof. Robert Kozyrski

The author of the project is mainly interested in the attitude of the nobility attending three Lesser Poland regional assemblies (Kraków, Lublin and Sandomierz) to issues concerning Church-state relations over a long chronological period (16th-18th centuries). They fall within the current of socio-religious research, recently neglected, and constitute the basis for the analysis of societies in the aforementioned chronological span. Thus, the proposed research activities are focused on the following issues:
    • contacts of the assembling nobility with the Church hierarchy, mainly bishops,
    • the issue of religious tolerance and intolerance,
    • the conflicts between the nobility and the clergy, which directly translated into the content of the sessions of the regional assemblies, but also of the general assemblies,
    • patronage of the nobility towards church institutions,
    • involvement of the nobility and clergy in the affairs of the Republic, in its defence against external enemies and the resulting financial (tax) support.


Author: Robert Kozyrski