Fifty years of research on the female religious movement in Poland at the Catholic University of Lublin, Prof. Agata Mirek


The subject of the project is the history of research on the women's religious movement in Poland. There is an urgent need to elaborate the history of inter-monastic historical cooperation conducted under the guidance of Prof. Jerzy Kłoczowski, Krystyna Dębowska and Agata Mirek with active involvement of researches of the Institute for Historical Geography of the Church in Poland, which has brought concrete fruits, among them 17 volumes of source materials for the history of the female religious movement, embracing the history of 55 female religious communities during the Second World War and the occupation. These materials, as well as 5 volumes in the series "Female Religious Orders in the People's Republic of Poland", constitute the only collection of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe, documenting the involvement of female religious communities, and thus of the Catholic Church and its service during the Second World War.

Furthermore, the annual national scientific conferences of historians of religious orders and the quarterly regional scientific seminars for nuns dealing with the history of their congregations, which have been held since 1971, appear to be phenomena that need to be examined.

Author: Agata Mirek