Bibliography of schematisms of religious orders in the Second Polish Republic, leader: Edyta Chomentowska, PhD


Schematisms (also often referred to as catalogs or elenchus) are lists of the personnel of a religious administrative unit (most often at the level of a province, but also of a monastery) for the year that appears in the title of the yearbook, and the data used to prepare them usually come from the previous year. These publications were issued auctoritate et mandato, thus the information contained in them should be considered highly reliable. Schematisms contain, first of all, information such as the organizational structure of the order, province, and monastery, as well as the list of monks and nuns with their personal data, the details of which depended on the adopted model. In addition to basic information such as name(s), surname, and function held, it could also include birthplace, dates of birth, entry into the order, religious vows, and priestly ordination.

The primary goal of this project is to collect information on published titles, including their place of storage, and to publish a bibliography of these types of prints issued by both male and female religious orders (and congregations). These are schematisms and lists of the deceased published in the Second Polish Republic between 1919 and 1939, which are part of the library and archival resources of Polish religious and scientific institutions. Where possible, the collected material will be extended to include lists of the deceased, which were often included in liturgical calendars and supplement the information about the monks and nuns.

Author: Edyta Chomentowska